Neutrino (AudioCodex) 1.90

Shift the pitch of your tunes

Have you ever wanted to muck around a bit with your songs - speed up the slow ones and slow down the fast ones etc? If so, you'll love Neutrino (formerly AudioCodex and Machinehead). View full description


  • Allows you to control the sound of your tunes
  • Integration with iTunes
  • Gives you lots of control over your music


  • Not easy to locate the different functions
  • No scrobbling to


Have you ever wanted to muck around a bit with your songs - speed up the slow ones and slow down the fast ones etc? If so, you'll love Neutrino (formerly AudioCodex and Machinehead).

Neutrino is a fun audio player that allows you to shift the pitch and rate of your audio files and integrates perfectly with iTunes. Neutrino has been designed with musicians and audio professionals in mind, who need maximum control over the pitch of their music and is much more than just your average DJ pitch shifter. This means you can add effects, reverb, loops, time, pitch, audio Units plug-ins and more. You can improve music with equalizers and visualize music as it plays.

Apart from changing the pitch and tempo, you can of course also twist, squelch, distort and warp your favorite music with few problems. However, it's not particularly easy to work out how to locate some of these functions and the developers could have made them more obvious on the interface. Neutrino also isn't particularly well integrated with external music apps such as scrobbling to for example. It is, however, fairly well integrated with iTunes.

Neutrino is a decent tool for all those that want to have a bit of fun with their music or professionals that want to refine it.


  • Cue Sheet Import & Export
  • Virtual split & join of tracks / markers
  • XML Playlist Import & Export
  • Dedicated 'Play-single' mode
  • Dockable Inspector with enhanced style engine
  • Expandable Waveform / Transport view
  • Smoother scrolling responsive of media view while loading artwork
  • AutoMix feature dynamically adjusts Mix volume to an optimum level
  • Dynamic Processing Sample Rate Switching: Automatically match DSP sample-rate to either the file or the output hardware sample rate
  • Sample Rate Conversion Monitor displays file, dsp & output device sample rates, indicates when & where sample rate mismatches are causing sample rate conversion
  • Better handling of protected media:
  • - Authorised media plays without alerts, unauthorised media will not be playable until it is authorised in iTunes
  • - Custom alert regarding playing protected media removed
  • - Apple-standard authorisation warnings and prompts to authorise the media in iTunes are only presented when attempting to play unauthorised media
  • Faster launch time
  • Improved compatibility with a variety of third-party AudioUnit effects
  • Bug fixes:
  • Protected File warnings are now only shown if the file to be played is protected but not authorised for the current computer
  • Fx Chain Effects were inadvertently being skipped during 'Export' operations; this bug is now fixed
  • Exporting a track other than the currently loaded track produced invalid files; this bug is now fixed
  • Rec ompiled internal FFT audio-unit for Snow Leopard compatibility at non-44100 Hz sample rates
  • Bugfixes for crashes caused by removing various Third-Party AU effects from the FX Chain; several third-party AU developers are shipping AU's with faux-Cocoa views that are actually Carbon controls embedded in a Carbon window masquerading as an NSView, a hack that makes enormous (and erroneous) assumptions about how an AU host app will deal with an AU's GUI views


Neutrino (AudioCodex) 1.90